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Emotions are your worst enemy in the stock market.


The semiconductor packaging market is closely linked to the

PCB manufacturing market because packages allow the die to be mounted on the PCB.

Demand for packaging has been driven by the miniaturization of ICs

higher PCB board density and 3D packaging.

So success of semiconducter industry depend on PCB inds.

A Pure Play PCB Manufacturer

PCB must for success of semiconduter PLI scheme.

Very small company !!!!






India is now “emerging as something very exciting, thanks in part to technology and government policies,

according to Mark Mobius.

“In many ways I call it United States of India because these Indian states are so different,

one from the other. And that’s creating an incredible growth opportunity

Mark Mobius said.

India’s really emerging as something very exciting.

Investors looking to get in on this opportunity can gain exposure through the Indian stock markets

with a particular focus on technology, Mobius said.

India’s markets have seen big gains in the last two years,

 Nifty 50 and BSE Sensex indexes both rising more than 20% each in 2021 alone.

Like most global markets, however, both indexes are currently in

negative territory so far this year as investors scramble for safety against fears of an

impending recession as major central banks in the

West tighten monetary policy to battle inflation.

In Novemeber last Marke Mobius said India in 50 year bull market.

Just See What he say in Novemebr Last


India is on a 50-year rally..Said Mark mobius

Even if there are short bouts of bear markets Mobius said in an interview on a business channel.

India is maybe where China used to be 10 years ago he said, adding the government policies

of unifying rules across states will help the country in the long run .

The Indian market has been in a bull run recently.

The Sensex index touched the 60,000 mark in September 2021, only about eight-nine months

after it touched the 50,000 mark in January.

This was the quickest period in which the Sensex grew by 10,000 points

in the history of the stock market.

Mobius’ positive view about India comes amid many brokerage houses and analysts sounding

a cautious note given the recent rally in the stock market.

A 50 Year Bull market In India.

A Great Wealth Creation opportunity.






Textiles minister Piyush Goyal on Saturday said that the government will soon put up before

the Cabinet a scheme for production linked incentive

scheme for apparel manufacturing.

The government has announced PLI scheme, with an outlay of Rs 1.97 lakh crore,

for over a dozen sectors including man-made fibre, technical textiles, white goods,

medical deobiles and auto components.

Citing the 40% growth in textile exports last year, he said the target is to

double domestic production to Rs 20 lakh crore in five years and triple the exports to

Rs 8 lakh crore ($100 billion) in 5 years from about $44 billion now.


A Apparels Manufacturing Company

Great Turnaround Story

Stock Price Below Rs.15/-


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The decade was start with big economic reforms as country facing

biggest economic challenge of history.

Stock market was also flourish in first 1-2 year of the decade.

In 1992 big stock scam rock stock market called Harshad Mehta scam .

Market saw longest bear market of history.

However in this decade many kids ( new company)born and they bring smile in the stock market

Just Like...Infosys..Zee Ent...Wipro ...HDFC...and many more all were kids in 1990-95.

All were born in bear market of 90-95 . Later all company included in benchmark index.

The decade start with big dot com bubble bust in USA .

Indian stock market also saw a big scam again called Ketan Parikh stock scam .

However when dust settles a new theme born called EM in this theme many new kids ( company)

become leader in Indian stock market.

Just Like..Kotak bank ...HDFC Bank......LIC Housing...L&T..... Lupin ....and many more .

The decade start with memory of the biggest recession of 21st century .

Indian economy also fighting with heavy inflation , rising crude price and falling rupee.

However when Modi lead NDA coilation win in General Election market saw big bull run

and many small cap ( Kids ) company became leader in this rally .

Just Like.... Bajaj Finance ....Bajaj Finserv.....Avanti Feeds...Eicher motors..

PVR......Page Inds.......Laopala....and many more .

The new decade start with high hope but world face biggest challenge of mankind called Covid -19.

Almost all world face great lockdown due to fear of Covid 19 in major part of year 2020.

World economy collapesed due to lockdown.

Indian GDP also fall 23% in Q1 FY 2020-21

Indian stock market also fall 40 % from Feb.2020 high to March 2020 low.

However world now recovering from Covid -19 economic downturn and

stock market also rise over 100% from March 2020 low.

As we expect Indian market on verge of biggest bull market of history

time also come for invest in kids to ride next bull market.

Join Us for new kids to ride next bull market ...

Many kids company already showing there leadership ability to lead to next bull market.




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