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We are on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0 Its quite different than the three Industrial Revolutions that preceded it—steam and water power- electricity and assembly lines and computerization.

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution describes the exponential changes to the way we live work and relate to one another due to the adoption of cyber-physical systems the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems big data machine learning. As we implement smart technologies in our factories and workplaces connected machines will interact visualize the entire production chain and make decisions autonomously. This revolution is expected to impact all disciplines, industries, and economies.

While in some ways it's an extension of the computerization of the 3rd Industrial Revolution (Digital Revolution).

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is disrupting almost every industry in every country and creating massive change in a non-linear way at unprecedented speed.

What’s the promise & Opportunity of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

One of the greatest promises of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is to potential is to improve the quality of life for the worlds population and raise income levels & serve better for society.

For those in First World countries who already enjoy some of the benefits of a connected world as well as new products and services developed to take advantage of the technologies.

Our workplaces and organizations are becoming smarter and more efficient as machines, and humans start to work together, and we use connected devices to enhance our supply chains and warehouses.

Some potential danger

There might be increased social tensions as a result of the socioeconomic changes brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Typically, first-adopters of technology are the ones with the financial means to secure it, and that technology can catapult their continued success increasing the economic gaps. Some jobs will become obsolete.

It has been said that artificial intelligence will create the next industrial revolution, the fourth industrial revolution that modern-day society has experienced since the dawn of mechanical production and steam power energy documented in 1780.

Next on the timeline of societys pivotal transformation was electrical energy and mass production while the third revolution because around 1969 with electronics and evolving to include the wide spread adoption of internet technologies. Today many agree that the next wave of disruptive technology blurring the lines between the digital physical and even the biological will be the fourth industrial revolution of AI.

As we embark on the fourth industrial revolution, we should expect the world to undergo an amazing transformation in how we interact with computers.

Autonomous self-driving vehicles, humanitarian research, personalized medicine, homeland security and even seamlessly interacting as a global society regardless of language or location are just a few of the exciting elements we will experience within our lifetime.

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The widespread deployment of high-capacity low-latency 5G networks is a major catalyst to the digital infrastructure of the future. This reality is not far off. Wide trials are taking place this year that could lead to full commercial 5G deployments in 2019. The U.S., China Korea, and Japan are at the forefront of these efforts India also start talking 5G network.

5G technologies will underpin and accelerate the digitalization of industries. In turn, this will create opportunities across nearly every segment of the economy from health care to transport, energy, and beyond. Telecommunication companies that take the path to 5G.

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The true potential of cloud to support the fourth Industrial Revolution can only be realised through the integration of compute services with a cloud platform.

No matter what industry you’re in, cloud technology is a critical enabler of the next Industrial Revolution, by providing the means for businesses to innovate around these technologies. Central to this is the close integration of compute services (infrastructure as a service) and cloud platforms (platform as a service).

Cloud technologies will underpin and accelerate the digitalization of industries.

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The fourth industrial revolution is focused on how machines are evolving and interacting with each other. Its a revolution in large part being powered by the Internet of Things (IoT).

True to its name, the IoT involves basic technologies and applied solutions for connecting anything whatsoever wirelessly to the internet which enables a high degree of automation and the large-scale collection of information as data. The things connected to the internet can be sensors or devices located practically anywhere. Thanks to remote control enabled by software and autonomy, the devices in question are often called intelligent devices or sensor.

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We stand at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution an idea that will see new breakthroughs thanks to advancements in areas including artificial intelligence robotics quantum computing 3D printing and the Internet of Things.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will really take off in the coming year as more and more factories are becoming smart factories.

As one IBM analyst puts it, the thing that AI and IoT have in common is the use and interpretation of big data. Companies that invest in all three areas — AI IoT and big data — stand a good chance at becoming leaders and innovators in the fourth industrial revolution.

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In analyzing what made the Golden Century of 1870 to 1970 possible it becomes clear that four physical infrastructure technologies provided the underlying foundation for growth:-energy- transportation- health - sanitation and communication.

Next the research looked at today’s technologies. It found emerging digital equivalents that align with the four technology foundations of the Golden Century.

Digital energy: combining smart power grids and smart meters into platforms that dynamically match energy generation and demand from both new and traditional sources.

Digital transport: moving people and goods across oceans, skies, and land autonomously.

Digital health: remotely enabling connected health care from anywhere.

Digital communication: connecting billions of people and things, allowing them to interact in new ways.

Nokia Bell Labs has projected a significant productivity jump, as much as 30% to 35% in the U.S. starting at some point between 2028 and 2033. This is a similar leap to the 1950s and could add approximately $2.8 trillion to the U.S. economy. Similar gains are anticipated in India China and other nations.

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